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The virtues of safety in three dimensions

November 23, 2011

While Volvo accounts for only about 1% of cars sold in the US, they still have a great reputation for build quality and safety.

Their legendary crash test facility turned 10 this year, and all of their 2011, 2012 model year cars have earned a slot on the the IIHS top safety picks list for 2011.

Recently purchased from Ford by Geely of China, after year over year decline in sales of around 25%, Volvo looks poised for a resurgence. Maybe, that's why this year at the LA Auto Show, Volvo has prepared a presentation that distinguishes itself well above its position in the US market.

It takes a great deal of sophistication and patience to successfully translate your brand attributes from the product you sell to the environment you are selling them in, especially if your strongest brand attribute is safety. When walking through the Volvo presentation you sense this attribute in a visceral way - beautiful wood finishes, simple forms, and straightforward communications that result in an earnest yet arresting environment. Of course, an auto show booth cannot make you feel safe, but it can help you understand the commitment to the pursuit of safety through the level of attention paid to materials, light, finishes, shape and form.

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