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Archive: december 2010

Barn Raising

December 14, 2010


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Beautiful refuse. Candy coated steel.

December 12, 2010

This beautiful refuse is a typical by product of powder coating steel. The bolts are used to fill the holes that would otherwise fill with the powder coat. Hangers and overspray are covered over by the next batch of color.


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Fairly Young Museum Treasures

December 9, 2010

Among the NHMLAC's amazing resources is its staff of master craftsmen, builders, experts and technical wizards. It is a pleasure working along side them every day.


NHM DC team: left to right, top to bottom. Josh, Phil, Liam, Scott, Jerome. Not pictured: Kristina, Michael, Robert, Tim, Chris, Justin and Michelle.

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The Once-living

December 2, 2010

The NHM's massive collection of taxidermy is featured in the new Discovery Center. The NHM's in-house taxidermist is responsible for creating, caring for, and displaying every once-living creature on display.


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