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Archive: january 2011

Bags for sale! But not for fifty cents.

January 18, 2011


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Rotten Luck

January 10, 2011


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LACMA's food court

January 10, 2011

The concept of the food court has transformed in the last  few years from a basic mall cafeteria to a fully branded culinary lounge experience, with food sophistication on par with the attention to detail of the interiors. The latest LA examples at the Westside Century City and the Westfield Pavilion in Culver City are great examples. The new Santa Monica Place has go so far as to rename the concept all together. They call it the Dining Deck. But in the end - it's still just a food court, plastic trays and all.

After a visit to the newly opened Resnick pavilion, I left the property in search of sustinance. Turning east on Wilshire revealed a caravan of food trucks. Now this is a new concept in food courts. It's moving, changes from week to week and elevates the experience of visiting LACMA. So what you need to give up some amenities, like chairs. Or tables. The food is amazing and the experience of watching the chefs work their magic in those micro-kitchens is lots of fun. Click here to visit LACMA's site.


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Age of Mammals press on

January 5, 2011

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