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Archive: october 2010

A Rainy LA Day

October 18, 2010

A rainy weekend in LA sends residents running for cover. I'm usually no exception, but while I cleaned my office on Sunday morning, I couldn't help but wonder, what would one of the busiest landmarks in LA look like on a rare, rainy Sunday morning. 10 minutes later I was out the door and headed for Griffith park. The parking lot was empty, the hiking trail was empty, Griffith Observatory was empty. Not only did I get in a nice little workout, but experienced a part of LA in a way that few rarely do.


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Science Magazine reviews Age of Mammals

October 1, 2010

"Who doesn't remember the first time they entered a natural history museum and dropped their jaw at a large, articulated skeleton of some megamammal—most likely a mastodon, mammoth, or African elephant—that greeted them in the rotunda? I have fond memories of museum visits from my youth that transported me to locations around the world, revealing the fauna and flora characteristic of often exotic sites. Museums of science and natural history have come a long way since the days of static dioramas, and the new Age of Mammals hall at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County does not disappoint. It inspires the wonder I felt when I was younger while incorporating an accurate depiction of mammalian evolution that visitors of all ages can grasp."...

Read the full article here.

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