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Nike's Los Fearless shop in shop in shop

February 14, 2011

For the last couple of years there has been what appeared to be a temporary shop in shop concept called House of Hoops inside the Beverly Center's Foot Locker. The massive marketing campaign for the original House of Hoops was just a warmup for the new Los Fearless concept. With the NBA All Star Game in LA, Nike is giving hoop-lovers a destination other than Staples Center. It's a little tough to understand exactly what Los Fearless is. It's a very Nike concept - a visceral connection between the spirit of LA and a select few of Nikes highest paid endorsers. Here's how they put it:

How do they finally pull this concept together? Well, in just the way you would expect: with a fifty-foot-long super-futuristic black mamba. It's a grand campaign that culminates in a very small exhibit of hot new hoop sneakers at the heart of the House of Hoops.
It must take some kind of super-projector to shoot across this brightly lit atrium.
Oh there it is. A marketing program of this scale should set aside a little cash for a projector shroud. 
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